‘The Last Kingdom’ Season 4 Recap – Everything You Need to Know Before Season 5

‘The Last Kingdom’ Season 4 Recap – Everything You Need to Know Before Season 5

 ‘The Last Kingdom’ Season 4 Recap – Everything You Need to Know Before Season 5

Will Uthred finally conquer Bebbanburg?

It has been about two years since fans have seen a new season of Netflix original The Last Kingdom. Although hearts started to beat faster once the news spread of an upcoming feature film based off the show, it was only last month that a trailer and release date came out for Season 5. Now that the wait is over, viewers can expect even more epic battles between the Saxons and the Danes, as well as a resolution to Uthred’s (Alexander Dreymon) journey to conquer Bebbanburg.

For you to get ready for the final chapter of the British series, here is a brain refresher with everything that you should remember from Season 4.

Uthred Returns to Bebbanburg

Season 4 begins with Uthred finding out that Leofric’s (Adrien Bower) power over Bebbanbrug is limited due to multiple Scot attacks. Recognizing that this is the perfect opportunity to reclaim the land that is his birthright, Uthred goes to Wessex and requests that King Edward (Timothy Innes) help him on his mission. Since the new king isn’t willing to lend some of his men for the cause, Uthred, his son, Father Beocca (Ian Hart), and the rest of his counterparts return to Bebbanburg in the hopes of conquering it by themselves. However, things get out of hand with Wihtgar’s (Leofric’s son) unexpected arrival. As the people of Bebbanburg ally with Wihtgar (Ossian Perret), Uthred is not only left at a disadvantage but loses one of his best friends, Beocca, during the failed attempt. In the middle of a crossroad, the protagonist has no choice but to once again become involved in the conflict between the Saxons and Danes.

Mercia is Attacked

Meanwhile, Aethelred (Toby Regbo) focuses on taking over Dane land with Haesten’s (Jeppe Beck Laursen) assistance. Eardwulf (commander of Aethelred’s household troops played by Jamie Blackley) meets with Haesten, who advises the King of Mercia to invade East Anglia and add it to his kingdom while the Danes head to Ireland. Agreeing with this plan, Aethelred prepares to attack East Anglia and sends a couple of monks to Bebbanburg to retrieve the Heart of St. Oswald as a token to increase his chances of a successful mission. Although the opportunity to conquer East Anglia seemed opportune, Mercia was left unprotected, giving way for Cnut (Magnus Brunn) and Brida (Emily Cox) to invade it alongside the Dane troops. Athelfled (Millie Brady) calls for an immediate intervention, but her brother believes that it would be best to wait for Aethelred’s return so that they can all join forces. Seeing that it is up to her to defend her people, Aethelfled secretly flees Wessex and requests that the King of Wales send his men to help fight the Danes.
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